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High-Performance Leadership Assessment®

As a business leader, you know that the road to success is never easy. When you set out to build an amazing organization and impact many people, you often do not take into account the trials and tribulations that are bound to meet you along the way. But what if we told you that there's one factor that we always have control over, and it is the element that keeps the 80% of organizations and leaders stuck in mediocrity, or worse, failure!  

That factor is self-awareness. Without a deep understanding of strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies, of yourself and those within your orgnazation you will be stuck in the perpetual cycle that keeps every business leader and executive on a hampster wheel.  

What if there was a simple product that could transform how you think, recruit, and promote from within your organization? Would you consider it?

Introducing the HPL Assessment®

This powerful tool provides a comprehensive picture of one's ambition, emotional intelligence, and cognitive abilities, helping users to gain a deep understanding of themselves and their tendencies. With this tool, you are better equipped to make quality hiring and promotional decisions, communicate more effectively with your team, and manage stress and pressure with ease.

Imagine being able to make decisions with confidence, knowing that your choices are in alignment with company values and goals. Now you can communicate with your team in a way that inspires and motivates them to achieve their full potential. 

All of this is possible with the High-Performance Leadership Assessment®. 

Proven Benefits of the HPL Assessment®

The High-Performance Leadership Assessment® addresses these challenges by providing teams and individuals with a deep understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as strategies for improving their leadership skills. Here are some of the benefits of taking the assessment:

Discover Opportunities for Major Gains

What is the HPL Assessment®?

The HPL Assessment is a personal leadership survey first created in 2016, by Marq Neasman Sr.  It allows the user to get clear understanding of how they are applying the critical principles of leadership that set the course for personal success, developing high-performance teams, and sustained growth.  The assessment provides immediate results in the form of "mindsets".  Each user is graded based on their selection of each question, which is worth two points each.  The mindsets are Detrimental, Unconscious Stagnance, Incremental, and Growth Conscious.  The ideal High-Performance Leader scores the highest in Growth Consciousness. This assessment was created to be retaken every quarter (3 months) of the year to gradually increase the awareness of individuals around the 11 of the 17 core factors that drive personal success.

"This assessment is like a cheat code when it comes to learning my team's strengths and weaknesses."

-Steve Walker

"Very comprehensive.  Worth every bit of my time and effort."

-John Anderson

"I was originally looking for products for my staff, but could resist when I found it.  Glad I did!"

-Cassandra Black

Why Take the HPL Assessment?

As entrepreneurs, executives, and business leaders our livelihood depends on our ability to influence those around us, and add value!

When we consider the most influential component on our client's business and life, it is not product design, sales savvy, or speed to market; neither is it economic circumstances, political forces, or industry competitors.  Instead, the most important component of a business is the people and their minds (capital)!  The role of the HPL Assessment is to understand if, and where, there may be gaps in mindset and habits throughout the leaders within an organization.

Your Breakthrough is just One Click Away

Use this complimentary tool to gauge the potential of future hires, and current talent, or use it to gain more clarity on your own abilities as a High-Performance Leader.  It includes a complimentary analysis.  Take advantage while it lasts!

Results You Can Expect

After answering this 60 question psycho-analytic questionnaire, you will receive an in-depth data sheet dividing your responses into the Four Mindsets™These Four Mindsets will help you to understand the mental blueprint (subconscious thoughts) about the proven success principles that have been battle tested by thousands of leaders, businessmen, high-performance athletes, and influencers around the world.  

The Four Mindsets™ are:

Overcome Failure with
Deep Insight

Get complimentary access to our High-Performance Leadership Assessment® today and start the process of grooming true High-Performance Leaders within your organization.