360º High-Performance Appraisal®

When it comes to a proven, standardized system for tracking leadership competencies that increase performance, and profit, by 40-60% annually, we are best-in-business.  Our done-for-you service guarantees optimal transparency, anonymity, and solidarity to your staff and culture.  

360º Degree Leader Feedback Services

Is your organization tired of struggling to retain top talent? Are you losing money due to poor employee performance and ineffective leadership styles? Are you constantly having to recruit new talent, and stuck in a repetitive cycle of training fresh faces?  Can't seem to build an ecosystem and culture no matter how many perks you throw at the wall? If so, 360º  feedback could be pivotal for everyone in your organization.

Activate a membership plan & design your custom appraisal.

Receive your appraisal within a few days on average between Monday and Friday.

Request as many appraisals and executive coaching sessions as you desire with a monthly plan.

Craft Your Own Appraisal

No cookie cutter appraisals here.  We craft appraisals to meet the demands of your leaders, no matter the industry.  We do this by focusing on the competencies of roles and KPIs that must be met.  

Helping Solve Your Most Painstaking Issues

Every culture and organization has its pros and cons, but we choose how long they stay and how big they grow.  When it comes to our experts and the 360 High Performance Appraisal, it has been proven to eradicate the following:

High Turnover Rates

❌ Ineffective Development

❌ Poor Performance

❌ Lack of Accountability

❌ Limited Staff Engagement

❌ High Miscommunication 

❌ Inconsistent Standards

Lack Professional Growth

❌ Resistance to Change

❌ Misaligned Dynamics

❌ Suboptimal Decision-Making

❌ Leadership Burnout

❌ Lack of Employee Development

❌ Erosion of Trust

❌ Missed Growth Opportunities

40-60% Increase in Impact, Income, and Influence...

We GUARANTEE increases in impact, income, and influence when your company applies our methods, or your money back!

 360º High-Performance Appraisal®

Neasman's 360 feedback solution is a powerful tool that provides an all-around evaluation of an individual's performance, going above and beyond the typical evaluation model which typically involves a direct report and their up-line.  Instead, this multi-source performance appraisal collects feedback from various sources encompassing all channels of the job role, including managers, peers, direct reports, and even customers. 

Clients love the comprehensive reports that highlight an individual's strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. When it comes to developing the leaders in your organization, and getting a clear picture of who has developed most in the competencies of character, there is nothing better proven than the 360 leader feedback process. 

200+ Data-Points Collected on Every Profile

No one gives business leaders more power and data to make decisions when it comes to 360 feedback data. We provide over 220 anonymous, and concise, data-points about aspects of character, processes, and decision-making ability they may be unaware of (and not open to receiving from just one individual). 

Four-Phase Process

Our Done-for-You 360 leader feedback service solution gives you access to a vast amount of tools and features to ensure your organization and/or department achieves its goals.  


By aligning with organizational goals, and securing stakeholder engagement, we set the stage for meaningful feedback collection and impactful leadership growth.


Assessment sets the stage for personalized growth strategies, development plans, and actionable insights that drive leadership excellence.


Growth strategies equip staff to evolve into high-performance leaders who can navigate challenges with finesse and drive their teams toward success.


Implementation ensures that the positive changes are not just temporary, but become integral to the organization's DNA.

Unlimited Appraisals and Professional Development

Now you can save money and time with unlimited access to our experts and professionals.  All professional development that aligns with our 360 appraisals are included in this package.  It is a "no brainer"!

Scope of Work

Bonus Features

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Employee trust is vital to the culture and sustainability of the workplace.  Our clients outsource the data collection process to retain trust and buy-in.


We maintain confidentiality agreements with our clients, which help ensure feedback remains confidential and is not shared with unauthorized parties.


Anonymous data collection enhances confidence in the 360 process, while reducing risk, and fear for retaliation to those that provide honest feedback.

Pricing Model

Craft your own appraisal.  Single purchase includes onboarding, assessment, and feedback analysis.

Monthly subscription. Unlimited appraisals and professional development.  Cancel at any time.

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Client Testimonials

Joseph Folkman,  President
Zenger Folkman

"The 360 Feedback process underscore the seriousness and credibility of the feedback.  The anonymity of the process, meanwhile, results in far greater honesty and candor."

Collins Akintade Jr., Sr. Professional
Fidelity Investments

"With the 360 High-Performance Appraisal, I was able to gain insight on over 12 different components of my leadership profile, increase team synergy, and develop strengths in high-performance habits over an 8 month cycle. I'm convinced!"

Lionel Alexander III, Manager
Public Health Muskegon County

"I am new to the power of 360 appraisals, Neasman Consulting has been a key contributor to helping me hone its power to build my self and get more productivity out of my team. Forever grateful!"

High-Performance Leadership

Below are the primary core competencies and survey metrics for Executives and Business Leaders.

Ideas/ Innovation

Able to see parallel situations and draw lessons from themAble to understand and quickly see the key issues in a broad range of subjectsComes up with and presents new, original and workable business ideasGood at finding ways of tackling situations they have not seen beforeIs able to wok lots of novel ideas into a coherent planLooks to different industries and discipines to find new ideas that may apply Overthrows conventional views and makes radical changes to achieve business successTakes decisions that position the business as market leader ahead of emerging trendsTurns abstract ideas into models that others can understand

Drive for Results

Articulates expectations for others and communicates the benefitsConstantly reviews and monitors progress of the organization against agreed targetsCreates an ethos of challenge and drives for business successDrives self and others on when facing difficultyEncourages continuous improvement across the organizationPromotes a drive for quality across the organizationPursues new business opportunities and makes them a realityResponds positively, with commitment and enthusiasm to setbacks and obstaclesTreats major obstacles as challenges

Decision Making

Allocates corporate resources to optimize the results of all plansCan make tough decisions in the absence of complete informationDemonstrates awareness of how decisions and actions impact the profitability of the businessEncourages bold win-win business planning Identifies and makes unpopular decisions when necessaryIdentifies the critical point, by when decisions must be madeKnows when to take risk in decision makingLooks at the bigger picture and plans for the long termManages to deliver maximum results for the least cost in terms of time and resources


Makes the right decision for the whole business, rather than own function or departmentPerforms to high standards, and maintains constructive interpersonal relationships-when under pressurePersonal behavior exemplifies company valuesProactively takes ownership of problems affecting the businessPromotes organizational honesty at all levelsRisks unpopularity to make the right business decisionTakes responsibility for own actions and decisions

Lead w/ Inspiration

Behaves like a High-Performance LeaderBuilds teams with appropriate expertise to achieve results, and empowers teams to take action and resolve own issuesChampions empowerment by ensuring that people have the freedom and authority they needCreates a compelling picture of the organization's vision, consistent with its values, which inspires others to feel a personal stake in its futureCreates an expectation of a high-performance culture and stretches others beyond what they thought was possibleMotivates the organization through positive leadership style


Able to organize and marshal resources to drive profitabilityAdheres to relevant commercial and financial regulationAnticipates trends (social, economic, political, technological, and regulatory) that potentially impact the businessConstantly takes into account the longer term needs of the business and identifies risks and opportunities which will ariseDemonstrates broad and astute business senseRecognizes global trends in markets and their relevance for the businessTakes calculated risks in order to achieve significant business gains

Team Working

Clearly communicates the contribution that individual teams make towards achieving corporate visionCreates a climate of trust and collaboration across the organizationDemonstrates commitment to team working by personal exampleEncourages input and advice from others on company strategyEncourages team members to use their divers skills to complement one anotherEncourages teamwork to resolve business problemsFocuses on team objective rather than personal agendaPromotes a team culture at all levels of the organizationUnderstands how teams work

Strategic Awareness

Accurately anticipates emerging trends in the marketplace and associated customer expectationsBalances strategic vision against demands of immediate operatinoal challengesChooses and develops strategies that differentiate business from competitorsCreates and communicates an inspiring vision, which wins commitmentGenerates a clear vision for the future of the businessMakes sure that the business is driven by the needs of its customersTranslates the organization's vision into successful, new, strategic initiatives

Self Development

Creates a broad pool of talent to meet future business needsDevelops successors by accurately assessing the strengths and weaknesses of others.Encourages people to develop themselves by taking responsible risksGoes out of the way to put self into new situations in order to learn and enhance his/her own skills. Is open about own personal development as an example to othersMakes sure that people have the support they need to realize their aspirationsMakes sure that people understand that their personal development goes hand in hand with the health of the business. Responds positively to feedback and acts upon it


Demonstrates understanding through active listening, which shows respect for views and perspectives different from ownEffectively lobbies key people and then uses them to support a positionEncourages and enables others to talk with openness and honestyHas excellent negotiating skillsIs able to creatively tailor communication in terms of both message and delivery to the audienceIs able to  deliver a powerful message which motivates people at difficult timesMakes sure that there is a good two way flow of communication throughout the business


Able to cope effectively in situations where there is a large amount of incomplete, complex and/or ambiguous informationBalances conflicting agendasBalances drivers for change against potential constraintsCan switch easily between different jobs and situationsFinds ways of achieving change without provoking oppositionIs a source of strength in times of uncertaintyLooks for the opportunities that arise during times of changePrepares the organization to cope with continuous changes

Analytical Thinking

Checks underlying evidence, data, and assumptions before drawing conclusionsIs able to take multiple pieces of complex information from multiple sources and make sense of themMakes sure all the business implications are properly researched and taken into account when considering plans or actionsSees behind what is going on to identify the dynamics of a situation, process or problemUnderstands when an analysis or argument is valid, relevant, and appropriate or notWilling to test the feasibility of a course of action before implementing it

Other Available Models 


Excellent for sales teams across all industries.

Middle Managers

Cultivate the next generation of leaders, enhance retention .

Emotional Intelligence

Practicing empathy is key to gaining employee buy-in.

Team Leaders

Excellent for sales teams across all industries.

Sr. Professionals

Groom senior professionals to lead deliver greater impact.

Diversity/ Inclusion

Understand what makes people different.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: What is 360-degree feedback, and how does it differ from traditional performance reviews?

The 360 High-Performance Appraisal is a multi-perspective assessment where feedback is collected from peers, subordinates, superiors, and even external stakeholders. Unlike traditional performance reviews, which usually involve only a manager's perspective, 360-degree feedback offers a holistic view of leadership behaviors, strengths, and areas for development. It provides a broader and more accurate assessment, leading to more targeted growth strategies. 

FAQ 2: How can I be assured of the confidentiality of the feedback I provide?

At Marq Neasman Consulting, Data security and confidentiality are paramount. Our process includes stringent measures to ensure the anonymity of feedback providers. Feedback is aggregated and presented in a way that prevents identification of individual responses. This fosters an environment of openness and encourages honest feedback without fear of consequences.

FAQ 3: Can I trust the validity of the feedback collected from various sources?

The 360 High-Performance Appraisal process is designed to gather diverse perspectives, enhancing the validity of the assessment. Our surveys are carefully crafted to ensure objective and actionable feedback. Certified High-Performance Leadership Experts guide the process to address any concerns and ensure the quality of collected data.

FAQ 4: What if the feedback I receive is negative or critical?

Even negative feedback offers valuable insights for growth. Our certified coaches interpret feedback in a constructive manner, focusing on improvement areas rather than criticism. We guide you through a strengths-based approach, helping you leverage existing talents while addressing areas that need development.

FAQ 5: How can the 360 High-Performance Appraisal help me improve my leadership skills?

The 360 High-Performance Appraisal provides a comprehensive view of your leadership style, highlighting both strengths and areas for growth. With this data, we collaboratively design personalized development plans, recommend workshops, mentorship, and coaching. This targeted approach accelerates your journey toward becoming a High-Performance Leader.

FAQ 6: How can 360-degree feedback contribute to better employee engagement?

When leaders actively seek feedback and work on improvement, it demonstrates a commitment to growth that resonates with their team. Addressing leadership challenges leads to better communication, a culture of accountability, and improved team dynamics. This, in turn, fosters higher employee engagement and a more motivated workforce.  

FAQ 7: What happens after I receive feedback and create a development plan?

Our commitment extends beyond feedback interpretation. Our done-for-you service provides resources, mentorship, coaching, and workshops. We ensure your growth journey is supported and sustained, leading to lasting improvements in your leadership effectiveness.

FAQ 8: How does 360-degree feedback impact organizational success?

360-degree feedback is the main driver of leadership excellence, which in turn positively impacts the organization. High-Performance Leaders foster a culture of innovation, collaboration, and open communication. Improved decision-making, higher employee satisfaction, and enhanced productivity contribute to overall organizational success.  People that work happy tend to work harder.

FAQ 9: Can the 360 High-Performance Appraisal help me prepare for leadership succession?

Absolutely. By identifying your strengths and areas for growth, 360-degree feedback process helps you prepare for higher leadership roles. It equips you with the skills, and self-awareness, needed to take on more responsibilities, making you an ideal candidate for succession planning.

FAQ 10: How can I convince my team that 360-degree feedback is beneficial?

Share the success stories of leaders who have benefited from the process. Highlight the transformational impact on their leadership effectiveness and the subsequent positive changes within their teams. Explain that 360-degree feedback promotes a culture of continuous improvement and professional growth for everyone involved.

FAQ 11: What sets the 360 High-Performance Appraisal apart from others?

It is the fact that we take total ownership of the leadership development cycle. Our process is holistic, from customization to ongoing support. We align assessments with organizational values, offer certified facilitators, provide detailed feedback reports, and guide you through implementation. Our commitment to ongoing growth ensures lasting positive change for you and your organization.

We Create These

✅ Identify Reasons for Turnover

Design Development plans

Performance Improvement Plans

Incorporate Accountability Metrics

Develop Engagement Initiatives 

Provide Communication Training 

Leadership Development Programs

Identify Growth Opportunities 

Equip Leaders with Change Skills

Develop Team-building Initiatives

Provide Decision-making Training

✅ Develop Wellness Programs

Culture of Continuous Learning

Culture of Truth and Transparency

Capitalize on Enhanced Skillsets