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Want to know why we maintain a higher retention rate than 97.6% of firms across the United States?  Our people are happy and successful.

Increase Your Impact, Income, and Influence

It's not just our IMPACT Culture and High-Performance Leadership principles that result in effective and efficient people, processes, and products.  At the center of our organization, there is a world-class culture built  on core values that allow all to master success.

Core Values


Marq Neasman Consulting exists to develop the world's most distinct leaders. We focus on attracting businesses, and partners, who believe their work is aligned with the purpose for their existence.  We are a purpose-driven company, with purpose-driven leaders, serving purpose-driven organizations, executives, and entrepreneurs.


Service is the magic elixir to transformation in people.  Service is where purpose is manifested.  It is the lifeblood of influence, and the byproduct of love.  Service is  the only true actionable proof of faith and hope, and it is the reason we are here. 


No one is perfect, so aiming for it is futile. Instead we focus on Professional Excellence, which every associate can apply.  Our philosophy of High-Performance Leadership comes with a standard of execution that exceeds 98% of the industry norms.


Success should have measurable outcomes; we focus on three: Impact, Income, and Influence.  You should increase in these areas cumulatively by 40-60%, annually.  We have come to realize that people are most successful when they actualize their purpose.


Leadership encompasses the character required to obtain and sustain professional excellence.  History has shown that nations thrive when men and women of high moral character are in the seat of authority.  Your supremacy is that of a leader, so leadership should be of utmost importance. Service will be your pathway.


The IMPACT Method is the lifeblood of our culture.  Through the IMPACT Method we are able to establish High-Performance Leaders, and create synergistic relationships internally that flow into all other areas of our stakeholders and associates lives.