Management Leadership
Solutions for Organizations

Our Management Leadership solutions are designed to help eliminate toxic subcultures, weak management methodologies, and low employee engagement.   This management solution solves the problem 78% of companies create when promoting employees to management. 

Management Strategy, Leadership and Training

Is your once vibrant company culture now toxic, leading to low morale and finger-pointing? Are inexperienced managers struggling to motivate their teams, resulting in missed deadlines and frustrated employees? Do you see silos forming between departments, hindering collaboration and stifling innovation?  Is high turnover and attrition draining your resources, and low productivity is impacting your bottom line? You know you need a change, but where do you begin?

Our Management Leadership is designed to equip your managers and supervisors with the skills and knowledge they need to overcome the challenges of leading people, and become a highly effective operators.

Lower Turnover + Attrition.

The #1 catalyst to increased retention is capable lower management.  This is also the biggest issue mid-size and large organizations are faced with overcoming.  

Helping Solve Your Most Painstaking Issues

Underdeveloped managers can be a real headache for employers. They can lead to low employee morale, missed targets, and a constantly frustrating game of catch-up.  This can ultimately hurt the company's bottom line and reputation.

❌ Command and Control

❌ Disengaged Staff

❌ Hierarchical Culture

❌ Limited Feedback Loops

High Turnover Rates

❌ Reactive & Blame-oriented

❌ Ineffective Protocol 

❌ Promotes Minimal Effort

❌ Low-Performing Teams

❌ Compromised Merit System

❌ Maintain Status Quo

❌ Low Morale and Synergy

❌ Praise Individual Success

❌ High Change Resistance

Transactional Leadership Style

Results Guaranteed.

Our High-Performance Leadership Systems™ and expertise ensure increases of 40-60% in impact, income, and influence cumulatively. We guarantee it with our performance-based model.  If we do not meet your expectations, we are not compensated.

Scope of  Work

Our data-driven, performance-based model ensures our clients get the best return on their investment, and complete transparency in the development and training of management.

Intelligent Analysis

Innovative Strategy

Intuitive Management

IMPACT Sustained


Quarterly Metrics and KPIs.

The Management Leadership solution usually requires 1.5 to 3 years for complete transformation, depending on the size of the organization, or department.  However, you will begin to see results within (3) three to (12) twelve months.

Pricing Metric System

We charge just 30% of the project value, which is paid on a quarterly basis as milestones and objectives are reached; ensuring our service pays for itself.  We use the framework below to determine the total value of your project.

Assess Goals

We assess goals of your organization to ensure deliverables align with the priorities and relevance of the company mission.

Frame KPIs

With KPIs and SOPs at the forefront, we align our methodologies with company milestones to reach and surpass targets.

Pay Quarterly

Our performance-based model secures your cost and expectations.  We are not paid until quarterly milestones are achieved.

10% Initial Investment Required

The Initial Investment serves as an Engagement Pledge to secure our consulting services and the Management Leadership solution. 

Total Project Value = $1,000,000
30% Management Solution = $300,000 ($75K/ Quarter)
10% Initial Investment = $30,000

No Hidden Fees.

Hidden fees serve no one but the individuals imposing them. No hourly fees, no processing fees, no monthly retainers...Ever. We are compensated quarterly based on achieved milestones. In any instance that we do not meet a quarterly goal, we forego payment until goals are met. 

Increase Impact, Income and Influence by 40-60% 

We hate the cookie-cutter approach.  While 90% of management problems are the same, we realize your organization has nuances, philosophies, and frameworks that make it distinct.  We take this into full consideration when developing your program, ensuring we align with your unique culture, and organizational goals. 

✅ Transformation vs. Transaction

Employee Satisfaction

✅ Leadership Development

✅ Decreased Staff Turnover

✅ Growth-Oriented

✅ Organizational Alignment

✅ Focus on Continuous Learning

Learning and Development

✅ Increased Change Capacity

✅ Encouraging Culture

Proactive vs. Reactive Culture

✅ High-Performance Teams

✅ High Employee Engagement

✅ Increased Productivity

Increased Retention Rate

Grow or Die.

Here's the harsh truth: You can't afford to ignore this any longer. These issues are crippling your growth, hemorrhaging profits, and damaging your reputation.  

Don't settle for mediocrity. Take control. Invest in a proven system that will transform your managers into effective leaders, your team into a high-performing unit, and your business into a growth machine.