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Organization Change Management

Work with our IMPACT Strategists and Change Experts to implement efficient, effective, transformational, and lasting change within your organization.

Drive Impactful Change

Organizational change is human change. Our data-driven approach to change management tailors support to your organization's needs and optimizes change resources. We apply the latest in behavioral science to drive workplace behaviors, facilitate digital adoption, and accelerate change, creating a more “upskilled,” agile, and resilient workforce.  

At Neasman Consulting Consulting, we offer comprehensive change management solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our services include change readiness assessments, change planning and strategy, stakeholder engagement, communication planning, leadership coaching, and performance monitoring.

We help you focus on executing the right activities for your transformation initiatives. Using our Transformational Change™ framework, we help you articulate what you are seeking from your organizational change, understand your aptitude for change, and create a customized change program, including interventions backed by our communications design capabilities to create leading-edge, engaging experiences and forge employee buy-in and adoption. 

Helping Solve Your Most
Painstaking Issues

We all know change is inevitable, but it does not make leading it easy.  Below is a list of the major pain points we help our clients to overcome.  Review the following list to see which one apply most to you:

❌ Resistance to Change

Consistent Miscommunication

Change Fatigue

Unclear Vision and Strategy

Lack of Employee Involvement

Inadequate Resources

Leadership Alignment

Multi-generational  Age Barriers

Complexity and Scope

Lack of Skills and Knowledge

Short-Term Focus

Adequate Success Metrics

Lack of Change Expertise

Lack of Qualified Personnel

Inconsistent Leadership Support

Transformational Change Management Masterclass

Our Four-Phase Process

Our data-driven four-phase process ensures the success of your change management initiative.

Intelligent Analysis

Diagnose change ambitions, and propensity to identify Change Priorities, assess the strengths and gaps in leadership capabilities critical to driving change.

Innovative Strategy

We use the power of Intelligent Analysis to design a data-driven Innovative Strategy rooted in leading practices to maximize adoption and reduce change risk.. 

Intuitive Management

Activate a fitted change program, using our adaptable High-Performance Tools to manage data, automate deliverables, and surface powerful insights. 

Sustained IMPACT

We measure and analyze critical adoption metrics, using insights to Sustain Innovative approaches in the culture, achieve adoption, and realize more value in change efforts.

Gain Exclusive Access

 As a bonus, when you book your complimentary consultation today,
you'll gain access to our Readiness Assessment a valuable tool to gauge your organization's preparedness for change.

Proven Solutions for Your Change Efforts

Making sure your organization is properly guided with strategy and frameworks that lead to adoption, and increase productivity requires  immense planning, communication and execution.  These are the outcomes that guarantee success.

Expand Communication Channels

Centralize Communication

Implement Change Assessments

Develop Change Communication

Cross-functional Teams

✅ Implement Project Management

✅ Develop Leadership Development

✅ Conduct Culture Assessment

✅ Implement Change Phases

✅ Develop Change Roadmap

✅ Define Specific Metrics

✅ Engage Certified Change Pros

✅ Conduct Personality Assessments

✅ Develop Structural Support

✅ Develop Accountability Channels

Meet Your Experts

Patti Brownsord

Market Analyst/ Change Expert

"I will work to make our clients’ lives easier by providing accurate information, useful insights, and better processes"

Marq Neasman Sr.

Management Consultant

"I will create massive value in impact, income, and influence by 30-60% through proven frameworks, data, and technology."

Dr. Jack Slingluff, Jr.

Research/ Data Architect

"I will be honest, positive, and dedicated beyond the client’s investment, providing rigorous methodologies that stand up to scrutiny"