Sales Leadership
Strategy, Management & Training

Our insights, strategies, and systems help improve your people, processes,  and profitability by 40-60% cumulatively, in 3-12 months, or your money back. 

Expert Sales Strategy, Management and Training

Are you a SMB leader looking to unlock your sales team's full potential and drive remarkable growth? Maybe your organization lacks the sales leadership needed to scale; or maybe its stagnant, or declining, revenue is eating away at the morale of the team.  Could it be that there have been multiple quarters of missed sales targets?  No matter the reason, look no further! 

Our High-Performance Sales Leadership solutions offer a comprehensive system designed to equip your sales team with the skills, knowledge, and accountability they need to excel in today's competitive marketplace. 

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Access unlimited course content, weekly training, and expert sales advise

Pay only when we deliver beyond your current monthly baseline average

Innovative Engagement Strategies 

Engagement is marked as the top determinant of high-performing sales team. Our employee engagement strategies outperform other methodologies by up to 202%.

Helping Solve Your Most Painstaking Issues

When it comes to developing and managing sales teams it is never an easy task, which is why organizations depend on us to eliminate the frustration, anxiety, and fear of dealing with underperforming teams. Review the list of pain points and solutions below.  Do these align with your company needs?

Stagnant or Declining Revenue

Inconsistent Sales Performance

Missed Sales Targets:

Lack of Sales Strategy

Inefficient Sales Processes

Low Conversion Rates

High Customer Churn

Lack of Sales Training

Market Changes and Competition

Difficulty in Scaling

Lack of Customer Understanding

Technology Integration

No Hidden Fees.  

Our percentage-based pay model requires just one down payment, and flat pay rates, based on monthly team production.

Scope of  Work

Now you can outsource deals to your sales team with full confidence that they have the skills to get the job done. Our IMPACT Strategist serve as Fractional Sales Managers and Chief Revenue Officers with in the framework of your business model to increase revenue, by allowing you to access Strategy, Training, and Management all-in-one.  Our services average between 40-60% increases in revenue within 3-12 months. 

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Customized Sales Software Solutions

Executive Talent Acquisition

Customized Sales Scripts

High-Performance Leadership Assessment ($675 value)

360 High-Performance Appraisal ($1,697 value)

(1) Complimentary Membership to The Round Table: Sales and Marketing Mastermind w/ 12-Month agreement ($24,997 value)

(1) Complimentary Invite to the Executive Retreat w/ 12-Month Agreement ($3,497 value)

The 21 Day Onboarding Process 

Ensures your sales team adopts the mindset, habits, and emotional intellect to thrive. We assume the role of a Chief Revenue Officer for your company, to ensure performance and acumen increases.

Increase Impact, Income, and Influence by 40-60% 

Our experts have so much confidence in our systems, strategies, data, and insights, we guarantee 40-60% increases in impact, income, and influence (cumulatively) on an annual basis, or your money back.

Increased Revenue Generation

Enhanced Sales Processes

Improved Sales Performance

Strategic Sales Planning

Objective Industry Insights

Customized Business Solutions

Sales Team Development

Enhanced Customer Churn

Measurable and Tangible Results

Adoption of Best Practices

Efficient Resource Allocation

Long-Term Growth

No Vague Deliverables.  

We are not compensated until we help your sales team surpass the monthly average in generated cash flow.  Gain 24/7 access to training modules and weekly reports of agreed KPI and metrics.

Performance-Based Pricing

Our compensation is performance-based, so you are not invoiced unless we deliver above your team's average monthly revenue (baseline income). Compensation only takes into account the earnings beyond the monthly baseline. Now you can access experts without spending more than a month's average earnings. Limited partnerships available!

10% Down / 30% Rev Share

With a 10% down payment of your quarterly average, we earn a monthly revenue share of 30%.

20% Down / 20% Rev Share

With a 20% down payment of your quarterly average, we earn a monthly revenue share of 20%.

30% Down / 10% Rev Share

With a 30% down payment of your quarterly average, we earn a monthly revenue share of 10%.

100% Guaranteed Results

We guarantee 40-60% increases in revenue within 12 months, or your down payment is reimbursed.  

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