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Legacy and Leadership 

Marq Neasman Consulting was established in 2019 when Marq Neasman Sr. realized he had a purpose to fulfill in sharing the principles of High-Performance Leadership with the world, and knew it would be something that he would be relentless in pursuing. 

A knack for high-performance leadership took root early in Marq Neasman when he started playing sports at the age of 9.  Excelling in football, baseball, and track and field, it would be the position of Quarterback (a role that required a high-performer and a leader) that would lead to his success in the sports arena.  Aa professional athlete, Marq Neasman had to constantly hone his skills and display leadership qualities.  

Through the leading of men in competitive sport, he gained a deep appreciation for personal development and the competencies required to get the best out of people consistently.  He realized early on that these same traits that make great athletes also make great business leaders and professionals.


Marq Neasman Sr. establishes career as a business and leadership strategist. 


Birth of High-Performance Leadership Systems®, and a news letter subscriber list of 2,800 readers.


Win first government contract, and establish Neasman Research Institute.


Over 8,500 leaders and professionals impacted, with a quarter-billion in client earnings.

Throughout the past decade, we have submerged ourselves in the philosophy of High-Performance Leadership and how it impacts all facets and functions organizations.  To date, Marq Neasman Consulting has accumulated over 68,000 hours of research and development, and assessed more than 2,100 executives and business leaders.   Most of this research has been performed by the Neasman Research Institute.  This focused source of data has led to a strong demand and influence in the business economy.

As trusted advisors and strategists to some of your favorite brands, we have earned the privilege to spearhead amazing projects in both the public and private sector.  It is the wisdom, strategy, management capabilities, and implementation of our experts and associates that has equipped organizations and leaders to generate impact, income, and influence within their own ecosystem.

What Makes Us Different

Marq Neasman Consulting brings a rare degree of skillsets to our offers.  What we offer has everything to do with our core values, and the practice of High-Performance Leadership.  Let's see how it differentiates us from the majority:

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